What we Live For- The Confusion

Sometimes in life, we as intelligent beings are caught up in a loop of confusion, a place where things do not work in logic we understand, and it has always been our endeavor to learn how those things work. Just as is food to the stomach so is knowledge to the mind, to quench the thirst of curiosity, we are always on a mission to seek knowledge on how things work on various areas so that to better position ourselves for Assurance and survival.

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But in this wonderful journey of attaining knowledge something else rises, something that seems to contradict with what we already know, something that makes all our efforts seem like nothing and just a waste of time, This is called Confusion, the conflict in the mind. How significant can this be? Well very significant.

Peoples' behavior is a result of combinations of a number of factors that work together simultaneously, but this functionality is largely based on what they believe, or what they have confidence in. Our belief and confidence is a product of information we receive, we use that information to place our confidence and beliefs in areas of interest.

We depend on decision making to survive and to make other things work, and whenever confusion arises in this situations, it is a threat to survival and the things that we value, so the mind automatically can either go deep within to seek answers from the information we already have or seek help in those who have knowledge on the matter at hand, the knowledge which was attained through formal training or other life experiences. These people then provide information that we can use to make decisions to move forward.

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In a state of confusion, it is impossible to move on because an action is a result of a decision, therefore a confused person can not be reliable in making critical decisions. When forced to decide, s/he may decide what can or cannot be the most logical choice, we do not want to do that because it is a threat to Assurance and our survival.

But there are scenarios where confused people can be useful especially when they hold key positions, how can this come about? Well, because confused people cannot make decisions, therefore are open to suggestions, this can be an opportunity to induce a better idea that can work for the better of everyone. but in some cases, this opportunity can be exploited negatively and bring harm to people for the interest of the few.

That is why it is very important for the leaders to be knowledgable on various subjects so that to reduce chances of confusion when it comes to making critical decisions.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other " – John F. Kennedy

Sources of Confusion

The major cause of confusion is lack is of information. a person can not solve a problem which is beyond his/ her scope of knowledge, the more you know the more you can do about it, likewise, the less you know the less you can do about it, lack of important information is a key to the confusion.

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Another cause of confusion is misinformation. As intelligent beings, we rely on received information to make decisions on what to do next, in scenarios where there are conflicting pieces of information, it is hard to decide what to do next and this brings stagnation.

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Also, the misinterpretation of information can be a cause of confusion, failing to understand the received information can greatly induce confusion especially where the information is not clarified and have more than one meaning, this can be caused by the failure to grasp the context in which the information is provided.

Other barriers to communication can apply as sources of confusion but I find the above three to be the major players.

What Can We Do about it?

Since confusion is always related to the information, the best thing we can do is to make sure that the source of information and the means by which it is transferred is secure and reliable.

The second and the most important one is to be knowledgable, the habit of learning continuously is very important in providing Assurance because, when you receive information you have to interpret it, you can do this easier if you are knowledgable on the matter, so learning can be a hero when it comes to such scenarios.

The third thing is understanding the environment and time in which the information has been provided because there are times where the same message can have different meanings in different areas and times.

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” – Thomas H. Huxley

By Nicholaus J. Materu

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