What we live for - The Confidence

"I believe you, my friend, I am confident that you will do it, I know you can". These words express confidence in a person. But Confidence is a two-way thing, a person who is believed in has to provide feedback to his or her believers that they are right to believe him or her so that their confidence in their decision and in the person they believe in is justified and strengthened.

Who to Believe?

In desperate times like these people want to have a place where they can feel secure. This place may not be a physical place, but it can be any place depending on the specific need of a person at that specific time. With continuously changing social, economic, and political environments, it becomes harder for people to find a place where they can put their hopes. Now, this can come as an opportunity for those who can provide solutions to the existing problems, this kind of people in such desperate moments are viewed to be as heroes and are respected. You can not place hope in someone who is hopeless, a person who does not have confidence in him or herself, why? because you want to be sure, whatever your interest is, is secure.

The Politics

We can see the application of this in the political grounds, people in a Democratic systems vote for their leaders, why? because they have confidence in them, they are people who seem to provide assurance to solutions to the existing problems. Now this way of thinking can be lacking especially when it comes to a person's ability to project that confidence, there are people who are pretty good at doing this but it is not always guaranteed that they will provide what they promise and sometimes they can do harm than good.

How we Work

It is this hunger for assurance that govern every aspect of human lives, everybody wants to have that image where people can put their confidence in, for example in sports the best players spend a great deal of their time perfecting what they already are so that they can have the same profile or even better one before their fans. Fans are always curious about who is the better player than the other based on various grounds. Clubs value their players based on the level of their influence, the more the influential the player is, the more valuable he becomes. now we come back to the point that the more you contribute to solving problems, the more confident people will be in you and therefore more important you will become and hence more respected.

The First-time encounters

People are always more confident in those who have confidence in themselves, this is not always a result of experience collected over time but it can be a result of that particular moment, For example, a group of people meeting for the first time to discuss some issues and they are told to select a leader, they tend to look at some factors in people which are regarded as predictors to the assurance that, the person selected will likely perform as per expectations. It is so interesting how easily a human mind can be deceived by another mind which can pose as a promising selection while it is not. But it is also intriguing just how dependant we are on one another, for the first time people meet, they are already considering a person in whom they should place their confidence in to Make Sure things will go as planned. Yet the decision is not based on the experience but whatever good qualities that person express at that particular moment.

The Way of the Family

Parents in a family are people in whom children put their hopes in, they believe that nothing can go wrong with them around, they view parents as people who give direction in which they should go, they look at them as people who not only provide food for them but also protection and refreshments and therefore they have confidence in them. It is their role to make sure that parents have confidence in them by following the instructions, even when they don't follow them, they have to pose as if everything is alright so avoid doubts from parents so that to keep them happy. From the parents' point of view, children's confidence in them is everything, and they are willing to preserve it at any cost because it is their children that give them value. Even when it hurt they are willing to sacrifice themselves why? well, it is because that is what matters to them the most. I have tried but I think parents have better answers.

Finally, understanding the concept of confidence and its mechanics is essential not only for getting a position in society but also for saving it. Because as social beings we depend upon one another for survival and yes, your knowledge given the right position can be vital for the survival of all of us, so work on your abilities to project confidence so that you can position yourself in a place where you can be helpful.

"Remember, I have value because of you, and you have value because of me"

Nicholaus J. Materu

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